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Transaction accounts of individuals


Conducting domestic payment operations in the Republic of Macedonia

According to the new Payment Operations Law (Off. Gazette No. 113/2007) the payment operations in the Republic of Macedonia are conducted only through transaction accounts reported in the unique register of transaction accounts (ERTS).


Payment operations participants 

Participants in the domestic payment operations in Republic of Macedonia are domestic and foreign legal entities or individuals performing registered activity or other individuals conducting payments in MKD through the payment operations bearers (NBRM, the banks and the Ministry of Finance Vault as special bearer of payment operations for the budget users and the individual users)


Identification of payment operation participant

Payment operations participants are identified through the transaction account consisting of 15 numbers representing unique and non-repeatable numeric data through which payments are executed. The payment operations participant can have several transaction accounts with one bearer of payment operations and transaction accounts with several bearers of payment operations.


Non-allowed payment 

According to the Payment Operations Law payment between participants in payment operations not executed through transaction accounts is non-allowed.


Automatic opening of transaction accounts in SB for individuals holding sight accounts

Stopanska Banka AD-Skopje (SB) automatically opened transaction accounts to all clients of SB, individuals holding current accounts, checking accounts, MKD savings sight deposits (savings deposits-accounts, Package plus and plastic cards) in order to provide for its individual clients:

  • disruptive execution of payments of their liabilities (payment of utilities, loan installments, liabilities under purchased goods and services, transfer of funds on other bases and other payments)
  • disruptive receipt of funds in their transaction accounts (salary receipt, pensions, fees on various bases and other payments)
  • disruptive placement of funds on time deposits with SB, receiving interest under deposited funds, receiving funds under approved loans, paying liabilities under loans, liabilities under credit cards and other liabilities to SB


Administrative formalities for individuals

The individual clients of SB do not have to accelerate the process of receiving transaction account with SB. They can get their transaction account number by receiving new card, at their first coming in SB to perform some regular activity. They can see the transaction account number in the statement of their account.


Administrative formalities for legal entities

SB made it possible for the legal entities paying salaries, pensions and making other disbursements to individuals, in cooperation with SB and by applying special procedure, to receive the numbers of transaction accounts of their employees (inflow beneficiaries) which enables them, without problems, to realize the disbursement to the transaction accounts of individuals employed with the appropriate legal entities.