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Secondary market

The secondary market of government securities consists of buying and selling of bills and bonds already issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia. The trading is conducted by a direct contact between the buyers and the sellers, also known as “over the counter” trading. Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje as well as the Central Securities Depositary does not charge any fees for settlement of the transactions concluded at the secondary market while the settlement is completed T+0, on the day of the contract.

The trading at the secondary market provides the client with the opportunity of an active and more efficient management of the portfolio, which results in higher yields. The Bank is willing to buy the securities offered by the client, regardless whether they have been bought through SB at the primary market. Also, the Bank offers its clients for sale all outstanding government securities owned in its portfolio.

After the conclusion of the contract for buying/ selling of government securities with the dealers of the Trading Department, it is necessary to complete the following document:

Instructions for reconciliation of securities for over- the- counter trading submitted by the buyer/ seller to the Bank

Instructions for reconciliation of government securities at over- the- counter market submitted by the buyer/ seller to the Bank

For detailed information please contact the Trading department on the following contact numbers:

Contact telephone: (02) 3295- 107, (02) 3295- 108 and (02) 3295- 109
Fax: (02) 3226- 866