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Payments by individuals for health travel insurance for the purpose of obtaining visa for the Republic of Greece


Place of payment execution

Any SB teller-window in the Republic of Macedonia

Insurance company which receives payments for health travel insurance for the purpose of obtaining visa for the Republic of Greece thru SB

The payment regarding the health travel insurance for the purpose of obtaining visa for the Republic of Greece can be executed at SB teller-windows via the following insurance companies:
- QBE Macedonia, and
- Vardar AD - Skopje

Who can execute payments

- adult individuals: contractor or insuree

Who the payment is executed for

- any individual, regardless of age. At the payment execution, the insurance company can offer certain discounts or require additional payments, depending on the age of the person for whom the payment is executed. At the payment execution, a certain insurance company may bear other specific features, as well.

Types of insurance and amount to be paid

The insurance company sets the types of insurance and amount to be paid by the individual, while the data on the types of insurance and amounts to be paid can be obtained via:
- SB teller-windows, and
- insurance company advertising material that can be obtained at SB teller windows

Documents required to execute the payment

- completed and signed statement - SB Form, by which the individual, on an independent basis, sans any influence generated by SB employees, selects the insurance company thru which he/she wants to execute the payment, and hence selects the insurance type
- valid passport for each individual (resident or non-resident) enlisted in the statement for whom the travel insurance payment is executed, no matter whether he is contractor or insuree

Payment mode

The travel insurance is paid in MKD, as follows:
- in cash at SB teller-windows, and
- transfer of funds from accounts held with SB

Insurance policy hand-in commission

The insurance policies are handed in by SB to the payers sans commission

Documents proving the payment execution

SB gives the following to the funds payer:
- slip proving the executed payment for health travel insurance for the purpose of obtaining visa for the Republic of Greece signed by SB authorized person and the funds payer,
- original health travel insurance policy for the Repulic of Greece signed by the insurance company and the individual - payer

Control of data comprised in the insurance policy

The individual – payer of the funds for travel insurance, prior to him/her signing the policy, checks up the accuracy of the data stated in the policy.

At possible errors in data comprised in the inurance policy, SB employee cancels it and issues a new one.

At ascertainment of errors in data comprised by the insurance policy following its issuance and signing on the part of the individual, not later than the date of the policy validity commencement date, the same can be cancelled and a new one issued at request of the contractor, if he/she delivers the policy containing errors and the executed payment slip to SB.

Unissued visas for the Republic of Greece

In case the individual that executed payment to obtain the insurance policy is not issued a visa for the Republic of Greece, the paid funds are refunded from and at the insurance company

Additional information and complaints

Concerning all possible complaints and additional information germane to the travel insurance, please address the relevant insurance company that issues the policy