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Management of denar payment operations account


  • The Bank performs payments from the client's account up to the amount of the cover in the account. Cover means balance of account for performance of local payment operations at the moment of performance of payment reduced by the amount of commission, according to the type of service,
  • The content of the payment instrument (order) that is submitted by the client, should be clear, legible and precise,
  • Clients have the right to submit orders to the Bank with date of effecting, later than the date of submission of orders. The Bank receives the orders and effects them on the effecting value date if there is cover in the account upon which an order is issued. Submitted orders that are not effectuated because of deficiency of funds or due to other reasons, the Bank informs a client via daily excerpt.
  • Clients have the right to designate priorities on the orders if the account does not have funds (cover) for effecting of all orders.
  • Payment orders are effected in accordance with the term plan for operations determined by Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje
  • There are several options for submission of payment orders:
       - on paper, physically submission of orders;
       - on magnet media (diskette) covered by a prescribed form defined by the Bank
       - by electronic banking, e-Bank service with highest degree of protection
  • For physical submission of orders, clients can choose one of the reception positions determined by the Bank as places for reception of orders for payment operations.
  • Reports that come out from amendments of operations with an account for performance of home payment operations, clients can select to receive:
       - on electron address
       - by fax
       - on Bank's cashiers
  • For payment operations services, the Bank charges fee by debiting the client's account on daily basis, in the amount that is in accordance with the type of service of the Tariff of fees of the Bank.
  • On the account for local payment operations, the Bank calculates and pays interest at the interest rate defined in the Decision on interest rates of Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje . Calculation of interest is made on daily changes and the entering and payments of interest is made on monthly basis.