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24 hours CONTACT CENTER (02) 3100 109


11 Oktomvri 7, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

+ 389 (02) 3114 503 




Useful advices


· Cards can be used for completing the transactions on imprinters and POS terminals, for payments of goods and services where VISA sign is exposed, as well as for cash withdrawal at the ATMs and bank counters.

· T he current transaction account is debited upon each c ard usage in the Republic of Macedonia , without provision for payments with tradesmen, cash withdrawal at the Bank's ATMs and OTC.

· The FCY account is debited upon each c ard usage abroad, with provision, except for cash withdrawal when the fee is EUR 1 +1.5% of the withdrawn amount.

· Visa card is non-transferable and can be used only by the person whose data are on the card.

· For cash withdrawal at ATMs a PIN code is used (enclosed in the envelope that is submitted to you together with the card) which must compulsory be memorized, because if it is entered incorrectly more than twice, the ATM will take hold of the card.

· Do not keep your PIN code together with the card. Never write down your PIN code, simply memorize it. If you must write it down, do not keep it in your wallet, or on the card itself. Never disclose your PIN code to anyone. Financial institution, the police, or tradesmen must not ask for your PIN code. You are the only person who knows the PIN code of your card.

· When you withdraw cash at ATMs make sure that no one can see the PIN code or the amount of the transaction. Do not count your cash while standing at the ATM - put away your cash, card, and statement of account immediately. Do not leave your statement of account in the ATM - take it with you and compare it with your monthly statement.

· Make sure you have signed your card on the reverse side of the card.

· Keep your card as if it were cash. Never leave it in a car, on a table in restaurant or nightclub, or on the beach. Keep it in a safe place and don't allow to be scratched or damaged.

· After completing the payment, or cash withdrawal, remember to take your card and statement of account. Always check the slips you sign for the accuracy of the data and the transaction amount.

· NEVER disclose your card number on the phone, unless you are dealing with a reputable company, or you have initiated the call yourself.

· Card purchases via Internet are on your own risk, since there are fraud possibilities.

· If your card is lost or stolen report immediately to the Visa Center in STOPANSKA BANKA AD SKOPJE on the following phone numbers: (0)2 3163 772, (0)2 3295 387; (0)2 3238 417

· Additional information can be provided at VISA Center of STOPANSKA BANKA AD- SKOPJE , phone: (0)2 3163-772.

Working hours: 24 hours, every day in a week