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Opening cash deposit

Cash deposit is opened with SB upon establishing the identity of the person who approaches for opening a cash deposit, on the basis of:


1) for residents
- submitted personal document (ID, passport, driving license and ID for foreign individual issued by the Republic of Macedonia), whose validity has not expired

2) for non-residents
- Travel document (passport) in original, certified transcript, or certified photocopy

3) for members of peace corps in the Republic of Macedonia, international and humanitarian organizations and similar organizations
- identity card, issued by an appropriate organization, containing person's photograph

4) for individuals with double status, i.e. who possess concurrently a document for permanent stay in the Republic of Macedonia and a document for permanent stay abroad
- resident or non-resident identity document

5) for refugees and displaced persons from other countries in the Republic of Macedonia
- card for registered residence issued by the Ministry of the Interior

Request/Application for opening a cash deposit is stated/submitted:
- verbally to SB's competent officer, or
- in the absence of the client, by submitting a written application signed personally and notarized with Notary Public, certified at court, or at diplomatic liaison office, or other competent body, along with enclosed photocopy of identity document containing a photograph and all necessary data for registration of a client and for opening an account

For opening a deposit to a juvenile (until turning 18 years of age), the request/application is stated/submitted by the legal representative or other person.

SB, for each open deposit, issues to the client:
- agreement
- passbook, if the cash deposit is opened as savings deposit
- plastic-coated card, if the cash deposit is opened as MKD or FCY current transaction account, or current transaction account of individual - pensioner